Join in and help raise awareness of psoriasis

#DiscoverPsoriasis on World Psoriasis Day

At QualityCare™ we are really getting behind the World Psoriasis Day mission, after all we share a lot of the same goals. We are passionate about increasing awareness, to forever debunk the myth that psoriasis is contagious. 

So if you have not done so already, support the movement and write #DiscoverPsoriasis on a placard or paper, take a photo and upload it to your social media platform of choice with the hashtag #DiscoverPsoriasis.

We too want to improve understanding, so that psoriasis becomes a conversation that everyone can engage in. And most importantly, we at QualityCare™ are already creating a comfortable space online, where no one in the psoriasis community has to feel alone. 

So how can you help us support World Psoriasis Day now and in the future? 

It is simple. First, join the QualityCare™ community today to start learning more about psoriasis and disease management. Read the blogs from Helen, Jess, Simon and Rena, all of whom have psoriasis and write once a week on topics close to their hearts. 

Why not stick around and help us build and grow this community together?

As well as our Blogger Universe, we are launching an exciting suite of services, tools and content all designed specifically to support people with psoriasis. We will provide a space where people with psoriasis can talk about real issues, we know you are not defined by psoriasis, so we would like to support you as you live your life.

But as for today, we are honoured to stand with people in the midst of their journey, and we want to help every step of the way.

If this sounds like a cause for you then please join. We are stronger when we grow the movement together.