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In November I wrote about distraction by drawing the eye to different areas. Another great way to do this is with your nails. The nail industry has grown so much over the years and there are many ways to make your nails look great,  even just starting with a simple manicure. 

Over the years I have struggled with the itching of psoriasis. On many occasions I have ended up ripping my skin apart, causing infection, not to mention all the bleeding  So I’m going to let you in on my nail secret and something that helps me… 

Acrylic Nails are the secret! I realised how much they help when I had my first set done when I was getting married back in 2001.  Like most brides, I wanted to look my best. I was so busy concentrating on getting my skin under control that all the other areas seemed less important, until my friends started taking over and making sure everything was taken care of, including getting my nails done. During this time I did have a flare up, which was mainly on my legs and arms and being summer time, the itching was crazy! However, I noticed that having the acrylic tips made my nail tips softer so I wasn’t able to rip my skin open. 

Acrylic nails drying psoriasis

Since then, I have turned to having my nails done, especially when I have a flare up and know the itching is going to be bad. Having great nails is a bonus! 

So what are the different options?

I often get asked if it is safe to wear acrylic nails, as they can thin your real nails down due to the buffing and filing. My answer…yes! 

I have not had a problem at all and I have been having my nails done on and off for years. To be honest, my nails always chip but having the acrylic overlay keeps them strong and the polish lasts a lot longer. My suggestion would be to speak to your nail technician and let them know not to buff your nails too much. I have been going to the same nail bar for years now and they know me well and are always extra careful. 

If you have nail psoriasis, it is not a good idea to have the sets put on as they can get infected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have nice nails for a special occasion. You can use the stick-on tips that can be applied with glue or tape, which are easy to apply and take off – they also come in a range of sizes as well as shapes. If this is not something that takes your fancy, you can try the gel polish or shellac, which are both amazing too.  They are long lasting and give your nails that extra bit of strength, so if you are after length because you nails don’t grow, then tips it is! 

Colours and designs

As you may have read in my previous blog, I love animal print! I also love creating things that are out of the norm so I couldn’t help myself but design a set of my nails.  What a distraction they caused! 

Distraction nails resized psoriasis

Nail art is very popular too, ranging from different designs to having gems put on. I am loving the winter colours at the moment, all the deep shades look really nice at this time of year. I have to admit, having perfect nails is a boost and always makes my hands look nicer. One of my favourite nail products is good cuticle oil. Even if you don’t get your nails done, rubbing in some oil will definitely make a difference to your nails.

This year, I have had perfect nails because I was cheeky and set it as my New Year’s resolution lol. I thought at least I would stick to it and not fail within a few weeks! 

So go on, treat yourself to a new set of nails. I promise they will make you feel fab!

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