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Wearing my warrior scars means they sometimes can be centre of attention, and even though I am a lot more comfortable with them than I was a few years ago, there are times when I like to cause a distraction. Distraction is fun, there are many ways you can do this, through clothes, hair, makeup and accessories. In fact check out my previous posts about on-trend make-up and about creating a flawless foundation.

When I was first diagnosed with psoriasis I was referred to a camouflage make-up specialist who taught me how to cover my scars with special make-up. You may have come across the brand Dermablend, which was used during the consultations.

During my consultation, I remember being taught how to use the art of make-up as a distraction. This was music to my ears, as I had an ambition to be a make-up artist from a young age.

I soon realised that my eyes were the key and I started practising how to apply eye make-up. I even wore coloured contact lenses! Over the years, I have played about with distraction and it has pushed my creative side and allowed me to try out things I may not have otherwise, some I don’t think I would try again lol.


I love animal print and do enjoy using this through fashion and accessories, I often get told by people it’s crazy, but I carry it off well…so why not, I say! I'm a big fan of trainers and when I came across these, I couldn’t resist and oh boy are they a distraction, I get comments all the time when I wear these...

Leopard print shoes

I love the attention haha! Ironically, they are leopard print and sometimes my scars look like leopard print…wearing my warrior scars with pride!

I love colour too, so am always throwing in a pop of colour with my clothes, oh and with my hair too! It can be difficult to start with especially if you like to play it safe, but I definitely recommend you give it a go, you will be surprised when you figure out what suits you and what you can carry off. 

coloured hair

Jewellery is great to play about with too, I totally love statement necklaces at the moment, the bigger the better! The sparkle of any piece of jewellery will work.

As I have short hair, big earrings are a no no! But I do love a good stud. When I have a flare-up around my ears or behind my ears, I don’t wear earrings, this is so not to attract attention. Instead I wear big bangles, bracelet or a watch to distract people’s vision. This is the basic rule I guess – if you don’t want attention to certain parts then divert with distraction.


For so many years I have used distraction as a way to get by and not attract attention to my psoriasis, but since I have become more confident, I allow my scars be the distraction! It really is playing about and deciding what you’re comfortable with…I embrace both sides!

Treat yourself to a stylist and get creative!

UK/IE 2013b/00059g; Date of preparation: October 2015

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