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Over the past few blog posts I have covered topics such as my job, how I balance my lifestyle and the decision to go out or stay in. Living with psoriasis sometimes means that it can be difficult in certain situations, but I want to prove that you can have a normal life with this condition, which is why I am writing blogs about my everyday life. This week, I have been blogging whilst on my holidays!

Today I’m very lucky as I woke up in South Wales as I’m on holiday with my family. We are staying in a lovely cottage just outside our favourite holiday destination Tenby. We have been coming to Tenby for years as a family. We love spending time here and  waking up here makes getting up in morning much easier, as I’m not a great morning person – the first thing I did when I woke was to reach for my mobile, sadly this is the one thing I can’t live without! 

Today, I was on a go-slow and by the time I had managed to get myself to the kitchen for breakfast, my family already enjoying their breakfast outside on our balcony. As we are away for a week, it’s lovely knowing we don’t have to rush and we have time just to chill. For me, the only way to start the day is with a nice cup of tea and some toast. I knew by looking at the beautiful weather that we would be spending the day at the beach, so once we had breakfast and cleared away it was time to get beach ready! 


Dreading the beach

I woke up this morning in not a very positive mood as my psoriasis has been getting a little worse over the last week so going to the beach had been playing on my mind.

I knew that once I was at the beach I would be fine, however the idea of going and being there with my skin on show was something I was dreading. I was so upset with the thought of people looking at me and I tried to rationalise with myself. I knew that if I took my time to get ready and composed myself I would be fine, so I went to my room and took a little bit of time to myself. My Mum came in to reassure me and my Nan told me to try not to worry. I managed to keep calm and get ready and then we made our way to the beach. 

When we got to the beach it took me less than a minute to feel comfortable and I headed for the sea straight away. My favourite thing is to be in the sea, for me there is just something about it that makes me feel carefree. By lunchtime I was not worried at all about my skin and couldn’t believe the time I had wasted this morning worrying, so I enjoyed our picnic and then we all ‘rested our eyes’ a little in the afternoon. When we had finished at the beach we had a quick look round the little gift shops that are opposite the beach as it’s tradition to buy a key ring or fridge magnet from holiday, then back to the cottage for BBQ and to enjoy the rest of the evening chilling on the balcony.

Balcony view

I am not good at getting to sleep so I am always last to bed after a quick shower and to ensure I cover myself in moisturiser. Each night this is my routine before I head to bed, main light off, phone on charge and that’s me done for another day!

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