Meeting new people when you have psoriasis

Meeting new people is something that happens on a regular basis for most people, whether it is through work, friendships or relationships we are constantly widening our social groups. In fact, I write about this all the time, so check out my previous blog posts on going out or staying in, holidays and job interviews.

When meeting new people it is often an exciting thing, this is because we get a chance to start at the very beginning of getting to know someone, and as no-one knows anything about each other you have a blank canvas to start and fill with only the things you want.

I personally love meeting new people, as long as someone can make me laugh and are positive, they are the type of person I know I will enjoy spending time with. I am quite a laid back person when it comes to meeting people I don’t know and I tend to get on with people easily, so luckily for me it’s something I’m keen to join in with. I also love talking so this often comes in handy!

When meeting new people, I always have the debate about what I should share with them and what’s not appropriate. By this I mean in respect to what’s going on in your life, for example you don’t want to be sharing life’s dramas with your new best friend, however you also don’t want to have no conversation at all!

I often find more often than not that people will ask what kind of things I do in my spare time when trying to learn more about me and I always use this opportunity to bring up that I blog about living with Psoriasis, which often leads to me explaining what psoriasis is! Believe it or not, this can be a great starting point as people generally have lots of questions about what it is, how you spell it and what causes it! However, on the other hand there are times when you meet people and bringing up your psoriasis can have a different impact. There are times when if my psoriasis is bad on my face, hands or other visible areas that meeting new people can result in constant staring and wondering what on earth all these red patches are about. Sadly, sometimes people can be unsure as to handle asking about psoriasis before making a rapid decision that they think it is contagious!

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I always find it easier to explain about my psoriasis when I first meet someone, as it is something as some point I know will be the topic of discussion and I know once it’s done I can relax.

There is nothing more embarrassing when meeting new people than having to shake hands! I either have hands that are bleeding because my skin is sore, or my hands are too sweaty and it all becomes a little awkward! This is something I used to spend my time getting worked up about, how should I handle this situation or what will others think? But the thing is I quickly learnt to be truthful is my skin is sore I explain or if my hands are sweaty I give them a quick rub on my trousers!!! Someone once said to me that if people aren't willing to accept all of you, they aren't the person for you to spend your time with.

The thing is for me, I love finding out about other people and listening to their stories, I truly believe you can never have enough people around. In life, there will always be people you meet who appear to be rude or disrespectful, but if you remain polite and treat them how you would expect to be treated, no one can argue any different.

Most people have things they are conscious of or are worried about when meeting new people, we often think about what others may think about us or whether they will notice the faults we think we have, but majority of the time we are all in the same situation and therefore we don’t need to worry. Be yourself and be confident. Someone wise once told me if you treat others how you want to be treated you will go far in life.

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