Go out or stay in?

A night out

I previously covered how I balance my lifestyle, and as part of that, I know that many people with psoriasis find it hard to cope in social situations and question whether they should go out or stay in. Luckily, I never really have to debate as I’m not a fan of staying in, I much prefer to be out and about enjoying the company of others. 

There are very few times when I have the opportunity of going out or staying in that I decide to stay in. On the odd occasions when I decide my sofa is the best choice, unfortunately are usually when I’m feeling sorry for myself! If I’m feeling stressed or anxious sometimes a bath, my PJs and good film is the recipe to recuperating! A bath for me is something that has the ability to make me feel much more relaxed and gives me time to evaluate things that may worry me, therefore can be the most important thing if I feel a little bit stressed. There is also nothing like waking up refreshed after a good night's sleep and a clear head. This in itself can be very good therapy! These are really the times when either I have tonsillitis or my psoriasis is having a flare up as I know the sooner I treat myself the quicker I will feel better.

Anyone who knows me will know that I absolutely love socialising and shopping, my perfect day is going shopping and getting pampered before hitting the nightclubs for a good boogie!

I love spending time going out and doing things, whether its visiting family, bowling with friends or a day out at the sea side – it will always be my first choice. I absolutely love being around other people, who have the ability to make me laugh and be happy. Sometimes if I’m having a bad day with my psoriasis or during a flare up, I rely on going out to make me feel better, there’s nothing better than being around the people who care about you and making memories.

One thing I have learnt over the last few years is if you feel comfortable in what your wearing and you have a moisturiser in your bag, there is nothing that should stop you going out. When I was younger, I used to let my psoriasis ruin what should be lovely evenings with friends by making sure I was covered up to the point where I was boiling and uncomfortable and by being so self-conscious, what I was misunderstanding was how there were ways to stop this.

Dressed up for a night out

When it comes to parties and nightclubs, preparation is the key for me, which is why I now very rarely choose to stay in. If I am out off in the evening to nightclubs or bars, I tend to have a day ensuring everything from my outfit to my nails are perfected, this is because I can then go out feeling comfortable and confident in what I’m wearing I never have any doubts about enjoying myself and dancing the night away.  

Having said all of this, there are also times when I am invited to go out that can make me feel stressed about whether I should go or not, for example if I am invited somewhere on my own and I don’t really know anyone who is going to be there. I find I can get so worked up and stressed out just trying to make a decision. Like I’ve said, I choose the option that makes me most comfortable, there is no point in making yourself feel guilty for not going somewhere if you spend all your time getting worried about it!

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