Coping with psoriasis on holiday

I have previously posted about my family holiday, but I thought it warranted another post as holidays are without a doubt the one thing I love looking forward to each year. I love knowing I have a week away to relax and recharge! I thought it would be useful to talk about how I prepare and feel confident that I will have a good time without psoriasis ruling my life.

Although holidays are exciting and you spend weeks counting down, they can also be a little daunting as you aren’t sure where you are going and don’t know what to expect and also how you're going to feel when you're there.


When I’m getting ready to go away I always write a list of things I need to pack, so I either know what I need to buy or know I have things to find from last year. This is often a nightmare, as I am forever misplacing things! 

Ensuring you're well prepared for your holiday and ensuring you have everything you need is very important. The most important thing I always buy first is a bottle of after sun moisturiser; this is something I cannot live without on holiday. Due to my psoriasis and the fact I have fair skin, I burn very easily, so it hugely important to me that even though I do my best to prevent burning I have the right product if I do burn. 

There is nothing worse than being on holiday and spending the whole time uncomfortable because you are burnt head to toe. No matter what the weather is like and whether I’m in Wales or Spain, if the sun is shining I’m applying factor 50 sun cream. I think holidays are a great excuse for applying lots of moisturiser and preventing your psoriasis from being flaky, in my opinion, on holiday applying moisturiser on a daily basis never seem to be a chore as you end up with a lovely golden tan at the end of it!

Clothes! Clothes! Clothes! 

I absolutely love shopping, so most of the time I end up with a suitcase full of new clothes each year when I’m off on holiday. I truly believe that it is really important to feel confident and comfortable in what I wear when on holiday from the minute I get on the plane or travelling in the car to being confident parading on the beach. There are two items of clothing that I find a life saviour when on holiday, the first is loose fitting jersey trousers, and these are what I always wear for travelling.

I find these trousers are loose against my skin so don’t aggravate my psoriasis and also are very comfy. The second item on clothing is kimonos; over the last couple of year I have felt much more at ease on holiday having the option to cover my arms if I’m a little self conscious, wearing something pretty and light against my skin. I find kimonos great over a dress or strappy top with some shorts.

Fun on holidays

Pack a positive attitude

However on holiday there aren't really many occasions where I feel very self-conscious. When I'm abroad and my psoriasis is very visible, I tend to shut out worrying about what other people think. This is helped massively because when I was younger I had a couple of sessions of cognitive behaviour therapy and this taught me to change my negative body image thinking. I learnt to change the way I thought about the fact people may be looking at my skin or staring.  I began to rethink the situation and the idea that it is likely that by the pool on holiday you will either find someone else with psoriasis or there will be other people with lots of different visible problems - I am not unique with my psoriasis.

The biggest benefit to going away on holiday is the sun. The sun can be great for my psoriasis as long as I am careful and ensure I always have sun cream on, its great feeling to know that whilst why I’m enjoying myself I am helping my skin too.

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