Attending a wedding or formal event

When I’m off out to a party, wedding, or similar event, I always plan my outfit in advance - the reason for this being that the key to me being happy is being comfortable. Being comfortable also depends on whether I know lots of people there and if I’m off to a family party or going on my own to a wedding of a friend. 

If I’m going to a family party or a family wedding, I can relax more than if I’m going to an event where I only know a few people. It may sound stupid, but I don’t want to spend my entire time being asked questions about my psoriasis (especially if it is very visible on my hands), I just want to enjoy myself! 

Everybody has different insecurities and a lot of the time when I am looking for something to wear, my psoriasis doesn’t even come into it. My first check is to find something with long sleeves! I hate showing my arms so I never wear tops or dresses with less than half a sleeve. Believe me, this can be a challenge when trying to find the right thing to wear. 

My checklist is generally something loose, with sleeves and to the knee, or if I’m not wearing a dress then I’ll go for a nice longer length blouse that is cool. Being hot is something I cannot cope with! There is nothing worse than being over heated and watching the clock until you can move for fresh air.  

Meeting new people at events is something I enjoy as I like getting to know people and finding out things about them. But most of all, my very favourite thing is to see whether they fancy a dance off!

When I’m going out I also tend to use different make-up, mainly just to give my face better coverage for longer as the last thing I want is to discover a red, patchy face half way through the event. I always seek advice from make-up counters before I buy products and this can also be a great time to ask for tips on how to apply the make-up to make skin look flawless. 

Moisturiser is the survival kit for life when you have psoriasis and generally there isn’t a time when I leave the house without a moisturiser in my handbag.

When I attend an event I do like to enjoy a nice glass of wine, however alcohol normally irritates my psoriasis (it’s not advised to drink alcohol when you have psoriasis) and as a result, I often find my psoriasis starts to itch and can become a lot more obvious. Carrying moisturiser for any last-minute application needs can be a great help. Depending on how bad your psoriasis is, a hand fan can also be a great relief. 

My best advice for attending a formal event is to be confident, feel comfortable and most importantly, enjoy yourself! If you’re in an environment with friends and family or people you have never met before, just be yourself and remember that psoriasis doesn’t define us!

UK/IE 2013b/00060j. Date of Prep: January 2016

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