Summer shoes

Summer shoes

I’m not going to lie to you! Summer is a difficult time of year for dressing if you suffer from psoriasis. When everyone around you is gleefully stripping down to vest tops and shorts, it is hard to figure out how to fit in without inviting unwanted stares because of your skin. I touched on this briefly last year when I talked about swimwear, but this year I plan to devote more than just one post to the thorny topic of dressing for summer. 

So, rather than overwhelming us all by trying to solve this wardrobe dilemma in one fell swoop, today I’m going to focus on the summer shoe. But it’s only April, I hear you cry! Please believe me, as one who has been caught out before, you need to get in there early if you have a specific shoe in mind. By the time June comes round, all that’s left are either jelly shoes (which whilst cute on a six-year-old are verging on ridiculous for an adult), towering wedges in neon suede or, Heaven forbid, crocs! 

I now consider myself an expert on this subject, having suffered for many years with psoriasis on both the soles and upper parts of my feet. Regular readers of my blog will laugh when they see my first choice, because my love of peep-toe ankle boots has been well documented! These truly saved my life on many occasions when I was going out for a summer evening and wanted to wear heels, but my feet just weren’t presentable. Ta dah! Peep toe boots to the rescue. As this Joyfull pair from Dune illustrates, they cover the foot completely but still allow you to show off a glitzy pedicure. They look stylish, are fab with skinny jeans and in paler colours like this grey shade, they blend in perfectly as summer footwear. Certainly they have been a real wardrobe staple for me over the past few years. 

Joyfull Dune Peep Toe Boots

However, heels aren’t always a practical option for everyday wear, but hallelujah for the fashion Gods, because the loafer has made a welcome return again this year. These are a great alternative to the ballet flat, which is often very difficult to wear as so much of the foot is exposed. The loafer however, gives much better coverage and this Limited Edition Tassel Fringe loafer from Marks & Spencer also has the Insolia insole, which apparently offers the comfort of a thousand fluffy angel clouds as you walk … or some such exaggerated advertising nonsense! I shouldn’t sneer however, as comfort is paramount if you do have psoriasis on your feet so these loafers are not only on trend, but will cause minimal discomfort. Can’t argue with that! These look great with all types of jeans and would be fab with a pair of slouchy trousers 

Marks and Spencer loafer 

Staying with comfort I know that the trainer fad has continued into this summer, with everyone and anyone slinging on their white Adidas Stan Smiths and insisting that they ‘go with everything’. Y’see, I just don’t think they do. When I see people wearing their white trainers with regular outfits I invariably wonder did they forget to fully change after the gym. Do. Not. Get. It! Converse however, are a whole different ballgame. Converse are classic and will always be on trend. Consider them an investment piece that will last you for years. This Converse All Star Low Leather gold pair are gorgeous and would look wonderfully summery whilst still fully covering your feet. 


And finally, the sandal! Let’s not kid ourselves, the other shoes I have talked about will be ideal for most of our Ireland and UK ‘summer’ days, but occasionally, just occasionally, the sun actually does shine brightly and we need to let our feet breathe. The key here is to find a sandal with lots of straps which will still have a summer look, but will cover up more of the skin than a flip flop style. This Olivier low wedge sandal from Office is exactly the style I mean, as it’s open so not too restrictive, yet still gives good coverage. 

Office sandal

One final proviso however! When on holidays in sunnier climes, all bets are off. If, like most people with psoriasis, you find the sun beneficial to your skin, don’t cover up. Throw on some flip flops and allow your psoriasis to get the value of the healing rays. After all, even if people look at you strangely, you never have to see them again! 

Pop back next month when I’ll be discussing this in more detail and getting to grips with what we need to buy and pack for holidays in the sun.

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