Top Tips for living well with psoriasis this summer

Top tips for living well with psoriasis this summer

Live well with regular psoriasis reviews and some handy ‘summer survival’ ideas

Summer is meant to be an enjoyable time of year – as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer – but it can be a source of anxiety if you live with psoriasis. You might be worrying about wearing more revealing clothes, protecting your skin from the sun or planning how to take all your treatments on holiday with you. Regular treatment reviews with your doctor or healthcare professional can help you live well with your condition and summer is the perfect time to make that appointment and communicate what is and isn’t working for you. An expert group made up of a consultant dermatologist, a dermatology pharmacist, a specialist clinical psychologist in dermatology, a dermatology specialist nurse and people living with psoriasis has developed a series of Top Tips, in partnership with LEO Pharma, to help people with psoriasis live well this summer and make the most of the months ahead.

Top Tips with psoriasis in Summer

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