There is no failure, only feedback. (Yes really!)

Exercise –Re-thinking constructive criticism

If negative feedback causes you to experience feelings of inadequacy and a sense of failure, slow down and take a step back.  You cannot change the past but if you take constructive criticism to heart, then you may learn valuable lessons for the future. 

Integrating the exercise 

If what you’re facing is not people’s feedback but an incredible challenging situation, you may struggle think that’s a failure. Make up your own mind! These questions are especially useful when you’re feeling something has gone badly wrong.

By now you may have been more reasonable with yourself and the situation, so you may see some light at the end of the tunnel! If things are still catastrophic it’s time to accept the situation. The quicker you stop getting upset, the quicker you can learn from events and move on. And remember, you can learn from it!

Continue "Strong and steady"

Get Started ! Take our 10-question test

The MINDBOOST test is a simple multiple-choice questionnaire comprising 10 questions. MINDBOOST will then recommend how you should start.


When unexpected events occur I:


We all need recognition in life. My way of getting it is by:


Humour is primarily for:


My way to cope with pain is:


My relationship to time is:


I see my body as:


A main issue in my life is:


When I get into a difficult emotional situation I:


A good way to release daily tensions is to:


A new challenge:


How do you feel you are coping with your psoriasis ?


What are your stress levels like at the moment

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