Believe in opposites

The way we read situations and people’s reactions can become coloured by something as simple as a bad day. This may lead to tension, anger and negative emotions, which can all cause stress. If you think this characterises you then this exercise could be helpful. The purpose of the exercise is to show that negative thoughts and attitudes can, in fact, be challenged using just your mind as the weapon. 

Exercise - Take some time to reflect on negativity, and times when you experience this feeling

Integrating the exercise

Always be aware that negative thoughts and attitudes can often be challenged and changed just by thinking about the in a new way – even when they seem carved in stone. Remember to use this exercise whenever you start experiencing negative thoughts and attitudes to avoid becoming angry, tense and stressed.

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When unexpected events occur I:


We all need recognition in life. My way of getting it is by:


Humour is primarily for:


My way to cope with pain is:


My relationship to time is:


I see my body as:


A main issue in my life is:


When I get into a difficult emotional situation I:


A good way to release daily tensions is to:


A new challenge:


How do you feel you are coping with your psoriasis ?


What are your stress levels like at the moment

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