Avoiding the victim trap

From time to time, we all seem trapped by seemingly unavoidable choices or unchangeable situations. These emotions can be very stressful and can trigger flare-ups.

If you often find yourself reflecting on what happened to you, for example saying, “there is no way out”, then give this exercise a try. It can help you find control in some of the most (seemingly) impossible situations.

Note – if you have been the victim of a traumatic event, then try to separate that situation from this particular exercise and look for professional services that address the specific situation you faced.

Exercise – Starting to own the situation


Integrating the exercise

Don’t expect one exercise to solve your tough problems at once. Set a calendar reminder every day to think about the challenge until you make some progress. During this time, give the problem the attention it deserves but otherwise let it rest in the background.

The next time you feel trapped remember that there probably isn’t one perfect solution. Avoid becoming even more overwhelmed by trying to aim for perfection. Instead, make the best of your circumstances by adjusting your expectations and taking things one step at a time.

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