How do you handle conflict?

The ways that we react to conflict can either help alleviate or add to an already stressful situation, particularly if our reaction is not true to how we actually feel Some people find it harder than others to be open and forthright about their feelings. If you are worried, do you bottle it up? Do you repress your real feelings of anger, disappointment or frustration? Do you lash out and then regret it later? If any of this describes you, this exercise may help.

Exercise – Re-evaluate how you deal with conflicts

People generally benefit from being honest about their feelings, rather than carrying the weight of frustration or disappointment on their own. However, we often tend to react in two equally unhelpful ways. Firstly, concerns about potential conflict and negative repercussions can result in a situation where we avoid the topic altogether. Alternatively, knee-jerk reactions might come off aggressive (or passive aggressive), and this can escalate the situation, causing more stress for all parties.

Putting it to practice

Being aware of your feelings is the first step. Less tension between your inner feelings and thoughts and your reactions can help as well. Here are some tips to help you express your feelings in a way that is both honest and productive:

It can be difficult to communicate in this way, but with time and practice it will become easier to express difficult feelings in a manner that is both productive and respectful. This can both help to relieve stress and also look at human interaction in a more nuanced way.

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