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The MINDBOOST test is a simple multiple-choice questionnaire comprising 10 questions. MINDBOOST will then recommend how you should start.


When unexpected events occur I:


We all need recognition in life. My way of getting it is by:


Humour is primarily for:


My way to cope with pain is:


My relationship to time is:


I see my body as:


A main issue in my life is:


When I get into a difficult emotional situation I:


A good way to release daily tensions is to:


A new challenge:


How do you feel you are coping with your psoriasis ?


What are your stress levels like at the moment

The Shields

MINDBOOST is a free customised programme offering a series of physical and mental exercises grouped into three key areas: confidence, mood and focus. Your progress in each MINDBOOST area is shown on its shield. When you have completed all the exercises in a particular area your shield will be fully boosted.
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MINDBOOST Coach Marie-Amélie de Potter

MINDBOOST is a unique, stress-reduction programme. MINDBOOST has been created through collaboration between LEO Pharma and anti-stress consultant and business coach Marie-Amélie de Potter. Marie-Amélie has over 20 years experience working with yoga and stress.

For the last 10 years, Marie-Amélie has been teaching at the dermatology department at the University of Ghent, Belgium and studying the beneficial effects of yoga on stress and skin conditions. 

Read a full interview with Marie-Amélie de Potter
I found the exercises  reduced my symptoms and empowered me to let go of my worries about my skin. I also found them very relaxing, which made  me better at coping with stress. And I believe that of course that had a beneficial effect on my condition. I never believed in these kinds of techniques before but they’ve helped me enormously”.
Filip from Belgium

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