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So, what’s trending this year…

Confession: I do have a bit of a battle with “on trend”

For many years I have battled with the concept of being on trend, Psoriasis has definitely had an influence on this. But I’m happy to say it pushed me to discover myself and figure out what suits me and what my on trend is!

I like to have a nose around and see what’s trending whether it is fashion hair or makeup, and then add my own twist to tailor it to my style. I’m extremely passionate about people showing their personalities and style through fashion, hair and makeup, or any way they see fit. It’s a buzz to see a mixture and I get really excited to see on edge creations, lol that’s my crazy #RenRstyle speaking. Don’t worry I also like subtle, but quirky ☺.

So what’s happening in the makeup world? Well, contouring has taken the makeup industry by storm this year and it’s all contour contour contour!

So what is contouring?

Contouring is a technique previously used for run way models and fashion shoots. It has now become part of many ladies daily makeup routine. I hear you asking “what is it exactly?”. Basically, contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through make-up. Helps define your features, creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose and chin.


Important, make sure you keep it subtle and blend properly it is not meant to be noticeable; I say this because I have seen contouring gone wrong…oops lol!!


Spring/Summer makeup trends are usually bronze skin, glossy lips and soft, pastel eyes, but this year runways have seen smoky shadow, red lips and strokes of brilliant colour. Lipstick is certainly in this year – from blood-reds to vibrant bright stamped-on colour, to smudgy, just-kissed stains.

It’s all about bold lips and summer-fresh skin! I love rocking this look; my hot lips are usually reds, pinks and corals. Plums and berry shades are normally a winter colour, but rules have been broken, and this year is a summer shade! Go for it if you want to be a rebel ☺. If bold lips is not your thing not to worry, black bold eyeliner and clumpy mascara is also on trend. With this look it’s all about keeping the lips nude and working the eyes. If you go with this look, tame the rest of your makeup.

On-trend make-up

Oh this is hard, as I love this look too! It’s always good to have a few looks that you can work with, as it can complement an outfit or hairstyle. It can get a tad boring if you always have the same look. It is also good idea to have a day and evening looking to give you a change. But remember there is no right or wrong, it’s what works for you! Brows this season are unkepted look!! Not sure about this one lol…this is a no no for me as I have always been a brow perfectionist!!


I don’t really want to think about Winter, but let’s talk Autumn/Winter trends. This year the summer look is pulling through as it is a timeless look, flushed skin will replace the contouring during winter. Fresh face all year round is always nice, adding pop of colour or boldness. As winter approaches it will be party season a great time of year to work the glamourous look, seductive smoky eyes, and deep lips colours.

It is all about being bold but fresh, make a statement!

As I was saying, on-trend doesn’t mean you have to go with the look, try playing about and see what suits you. Who knows, you may create your own new trend! I always take what’s trending as guidance and work from there and I have been fortunate to work in the industry and learn the tricks of the trade, but it has been bitter sweet. Working around perfect models used to really depress me after a shoot, however one thing I have realised over the years everybody has flaws and nobody is perfect.

For so many years I wore makeup every day without fail to hide scars or flare ups, and would dress to cover up. You couldn’t tell I had Psoriasis! I would always get comments on how great my skin looked and my makeup was always perfect. Deep down I was like “you having no idea what I’m hiding”! As I have mentioned before I am so much more confident now and all the covering up is in the past, I hardly wear makeup on a daily basis now. I took a few years out to look after my son and as I was not in a working environment, I stopped wearing makeup on a daily basis and just let my skin breath. The best thing I have done! My current on trend is "less is more", and when I want to make a statement, I go with a bold but fresh look!

My top makeup products are:

  • good foundation
  • blusher
  • highlighter
  • eyeliner
  • mascara
  • lip gloss and lipstick
  • eyelash curler (a must)
Hope you are inspired to create your own trend; my brain is overload mode right now, so off to my makeup studio to get creative!

UK/IE 2013b/00059b; date of preparation: June 2015

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