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As my skin is on the dry side, I prefer to use cream foundations and then to set with a powder. During the day, I keep it light coverage and go dewy for evening or special occasions. Again there is no right or wrong, it’s more about the look you want and most importantly what suits you.

Over the years, I have struggled finding the right foundations for my skin due to psoriasis being on my face, and the pigmentation from flare ups. I struggled most finding the right shades, as my face would range between shades. So I mixed shades up until I got the colour I needed. Camouflage makeup is also good coverage and then you can go over it with a normal foundation to give it an even tone and look.

Now it’s not so much of a problem, as many brands have a range of shades and tones and you will most definitely find one that matches. Here’s a video to show you how to create a flawless foundation:

In my last blog I spoke about on trend makeup for 2015 and techniques like contouring. As a makeup artist, one of the questions I often get asked is  “how do I get my foundation to look flawless” followed by “what’s the best foundation?”

How do I get my foundation to look flawless?

To create flawless foundation, it is really important the base is in good condition. You really need to look after your skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturise is a really important skin care routine. Ideally, you should be doing it twice a day. 

There are many brands and products to choose from and if you’re not sure what one to go for always try a sample first. Most brands have samples and are happy to let you try, especially when you have psoriasis, as you have to be careful of what suits you. Many products contain a small amount of alcohol which might irritate your skin, so be sure to check this out.

What’s the best foundation?

The best foundation is what suits your skin and the look you want to go for. Again, there is large range of foundations, shades and textures. You have a choice of liquids, creams, powders, tinted moisturise the list goes on…

For me my favourite is MAC, it suits my skin well, easy to apply and they have a fantastic range. I am a MAC diva! 

It’s really important to get one that matches your skin tone. Best place to do a colour test is the jaw line and always check it in natural day light, as some stores have really bright lighting and guaranteed your foundation will look different!

My top tip would be, invest in a primer to get that flawless look!

Primer has many benefits such as:

  • seals pores
  • soften skin
  • smoother finish
  • make-up stays on longer
  • easy to apply
  • reduces redness.

My favourite primers have to be MAC Prep and Prime and YSL Top Secret:


Quick guide to applying your foundation

  • Moisturise your skin and leave for a few minutes.
  • Apply a primer if you wish, again leave for a few minutes.
  • Apply foundation (if you want a light coverage use your fingers to apply then blend in, if you want more coverage use sponge or brush).
  • Conceal. 
  • Seal with powder (if you have dry skin use a small amount, the powder sets your foundation).
  • Contour (if you would like to).
  • Finish off with a highlighter or bronzer to give you a complete look.

UK/IE 2013b/00059c; date of preparation: July 2015

This content cannot be taken as medical advice. Always consult a healthcare professional about psoriasis and ensure that any cosmetic products you apply are appropriate for you.

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