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Hi, I’m Rena and I wear my warrior scars with pride. I was first diagnosed with psoriasis at 13 years old and without a doubt it has been a roller-coaster of a ride, and I’m still on it!

It is a journey that tests physical, mental and emotional strength and can really change you as a person.

Psoriasis has most definitely had an impact on the person I am today and has given me confidence that I never knew I had within me. Without a doubt it has made me a stronger person with a crazy personality lol, not to mention great acting skills to hide stuff that I don’t want others to know or see … I definitely think I deserve an Oscar haha! 

I often get told I have a style about me that is different, bold and somewhat out there. Again, I have psoriasis to thank for this. I was always covering up and dealing with the dullness that comes with this condition, so  decided to infuse my style with great passion! I love it and its #RenRstyle.

#RenRstyle is a passion of mine and I try to embrace this side of me as much as I can. I love all things creative and have a huge interest in beauty, fashion, hair and make-up. I enjoy it so much that I have trained in the industry and am a freelance make-up artist. I have had some great opportunities in this industry and have worked on some great fashion shows and shoots.

Through trial and error, I have worked out what works for me, having psoriasis hasn’t stopped me from creating on-trend looks, and having some element of normality, with an added twist #warriorscars!

I will be covering various topics in my blogs, including: creating flawless foundation, on-trend make-up, keeping your skin moisturised, and much more. I would like to share what I have found helpful, as I know how hard it can be. 

When I was diagnosed, there was no support or information, to be given the opportunity to help my fellow warriors is amazing and I am really looking forward to it!
Warrior scars are just an accessory, confidence is my secret
I wasn’t always confident, most of the time I would hide what was really going on and the effects it was having on me in every aspect of my life. My turning point was in 2010 when I was given the opportunity to make a film about my journey with psoriasis.

Exposed opened up a whole new world for me and I realised how much I had shut away and I wasn’t going to carry on the way I had. The new confident me was born!

The film has reached so many other sufferers and has helped many others around the world. Knowing that my journey helps others to not suffer in silence has been a life time achievement, and I’d like to continue to support my fellow psoriasis warriors!!

I will be sharing my journey and experiences; it’s not just about the condition but life in general as it all comes in to play.

UK/IE 2013b/00059. Date of preparation: May 2015

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