My psoriasis friendly Christmas wish list

Psoriasis friendly Christmas wish list

Christmas is right around the corner and I am super excited (but seriously where has this year gone?)! Mulled wine, Christmas candles and the potential of snow makes the countdown to Christmas even more exciting. Do you want to ensure you know the best treats to add to your Christmas wish list this year that your skin will love? Wanting to surprise your friend and pick up the perfect present that won’t irritate their psoriasis? Well to ensure that happens this year; I have picked out my favourite psoriasis friendly products.

Anything Lush (I’m not fussed)

Seriously, I’m not fussed about what you get me from Lush; I am pretty much obsessed with all of their products. I have spoken about my love for Lush products in previous posts due to Lush products being made with all natural ingredients meaning they will not irritate your psoriasis or any other skin issues that you might have. I find Lush does not irritate my psoriasis, acne or urticaria which means I can use one product all over my skin instead of having to use different brands for different areas of my body (This is a time and money saver).

Some of my favourite products from Lush, which I will be adding to my Christmas list, are The Freeze Knot Wrap (It's not just about the natural bathroom essentials), Father Christmas Bath Bomb (What better way to spend a cold Christmas day than in a nice warm bath?) and Snow Fairy Shower Gel (Of course I will be buying this by the bucket load so that I can use it all year round!).

Lush products psoriasis

Cosmetics Galore (But what shade should I pick?)

I love getting new cosmetics for Christmas. It is a great way to pick up new make-up items to try whilst they are on offer or in deals during the festive period. Some of my favourite cruelty free make-up cosmetics brands are Anastasia Beverly Hills, Charlotte Tilbury, NYX and Illamasqua. These brands are slightly more expensive than what I usually buy (is that not the point of a wish list though?), but are cruelty free and really gentle on my facial plaque psoriasis meaning I can pop it on without the worry of a nasty flare up later on.

I have recently started using Liz Earle on my skin too as part of my skincare routine. The products are super gentle on my skin and leave it feeling nourished and hydrated. These products can be quite pricey but they have a great Christmas deal on which I will be adding to my Christmas wish list, this will allow me to build up my stash for next year too!

Liz Earle products psoriasis

Cook Books (That you will want to use)

Since finding out I had to start living a dairy free lifestyle my list of cookbooks I want to own has shot up massively. Some of the amazing cookbooks out there making it onto my Christmas list are Deliciously Ella: Smoothies & Juices: Bite-size Collection by Ella Mills (Woodward), Eat Smart: What to Eat in a Day - Every Day by Niomi Smart and Dairy-Free Delicious by Katy Salter.

I should maybe add some cooking lessons onto the list too to have before I start using the cookbooks, as I am not a very good cook! I predict a messy kitchen in 2017 whilst trying these out!

Clothing (Who doesn’t love clothes)

I am a major shopaholic so getting me clothes for Christmas is an instant winner in my eyes! I prefer to buy clothes that are cotton and loose fitting, as these tend to not irritate my psoriasis as much. Lucky for me I am a fan of the super oversized trend so I will be easy to buy for this Christmas.

Of course an alternative to clothing is shoes (to add to the 45 other pairs that I have), bags or winter woollies! It is so important to wrap up during the cold winter months and protect your psoriasis from the harsh impact the weather can have on your skin.

It’s Not Christmas without Chocolate… (Dairy Free Chocolate)

Sadly, I am diary free so there will be no Terry’s Chocolate Orange in my stocking this year. Luckily there are lots of delicious dairy free chocolate and other fantastic snack options out there to ensure I don’t miss out on Christmas Morning!

Dairy free goods for psoriasis

So there you have it, a small insight into my not so small Christmas list for 2016 and what I will be hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year! What is on your Christmas list this year?

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