Approaching beauty counters

Approaching beauty counters

Approaching beauty counters can be scary at the best of times, especially if you’re not sure what you are looking for exactly. All the products and technical, fancy words can seem pretty daunting and the counter girls always look flawless and professional too. Walking up to a counter not feeling particularly confident in your skin or how you look can be intimidating. Walking up with a face full of psoriasis or having to explain where your psoriasis is can be even worse. I hope that with these few simple tips you will be feeling confident enough to walk up to any counter, any where, at any time!

They are people too!

My first piece of advice of overcoming the fear of striding up to a beauty counter and tackling your fear straight on is to be confident and try not to be afraid (easier said than done, I know!) The assistant behind the counter is there to help and guide you to ensure you pick the right products for your skin, not to judge you, your skin or your skin’s needs.

The assistants behind the counter have been trained on the brand they represent and have a tonne of product knowledge that they want to share with you. It is their job to ensure they give you not only the right information, but also that they recommend the best product for you, whatever your skin needs are. Holding back information or not telling them about your skin conditions could lead them to suggesting the wrong products for you and could cause even more flare ups and issues – you don’t want to go back to square one! If you are uncomfortable speaking in public about it, book an appointment! Lots of counters will have a quiet section for clients who have pre-booked, meaning you will not have to worry about people coming up and interrupting or overhearing.

Counter products

Try before you buy!

If you are thinking of heading to a beauty counter, have a quick search online and try finding some reviews. Knowing a little bit about what type of products you would like and knowing what is liked by other beauty users will help boost your confidence and make approaching the counter less scary.

If you are not sure that you want to buy there and then, or don’t want to spend too much money without trying the product first, then ask the person behind the counter for a sample. Most brands will happily give you a sample (or two) to try before you fully commit to the buying the full product. This also gives you a chance to see how the product feels and how your skin reacts the product (you really cannot tell these things from using a little bit on the back of your hand!)


Figure out your budget

Beauty counters are all glistening and gleaming but have you noticed they all miss out one very important thing? Yes, that’s right, you will never see the price on any of the products - you have to ask! You don’t want to get a complete make over, fall in love with the products and have the person behind the counter encouraging you to splurge a little and then BAM, the total comes to almost £250! There is no shame in asking for the price of each product and checking the total on your phone before you make a decision on what to buy or not – as I said earlier, the people who work behind the counter are there to help, not judge!

Phone calculator

Don’t be afraid to say no

Sometimes assistants behind the counter can become a little pushy and will try to tell you that you have to have a certain product however, if you feel this is not the case then politely tell the assistant you don’t feel that it is the product for you and try to find another product that is more suitable for your needs. Alternatively, if you go to a beauty counter for a make-up trial and end up with a look you aren’t happy with then politely tell them so. They will be able to fix the look so you are happy with it, or be able to remove the product altogether. It’s better to tell the assistant honestly (yet always politely) how you feel than lie and leave the counter feeling a million times worse. Honesty is always the best policy.

I hope these few simple tips help you feel more confident when approaching a beauty counter the next time you fancy a new product. Remember, the assistants are only people too and want to help you as much as they possibly can!

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