Will costume jewellery cause a flare-up?

If I could give a single answer to this question, how much simpler all our lives would be. Sadly, it is a fact that psoriasis is, as I like to call it, a ‘bespoke disease’. In other words, what affects one person may not affect another and this can apply to irritants as well as treatments. Unfortunately, as with many fabrics (such as cashmere as mentioned in a previous post), the answer is that you will need to go through a little trial and error before you can establish what jewellery will work for you.

But hey!  It’s not all bad news. If nothing else, our skin is certainly decisive and you will know almost immediately whether or not something is going to be easy to wear. So let’s embrace the fun of the search and as party season approaches, why not take some time to indulge in a little blingtastic shopping? This is the easiest (and often cheapest) way to ring the changes in an old outfit, or to jazz up a plain grey sweater or blazer and tee. For those of us with psoriasis however, costume jewellery can play another role, by also acting as a distraction from inflamed skin. What better way to divert attention from your psoriasis, than by the addition of some sparkle, glitter and bling? Let’s get started!

I spied this Diamante & Jewel Floral Pendant in Marks & Spencer this week and there is a very strong possibility that by the time this post is published, it will be mine! I love this because it has just the right amount of sparkle to ensure that it is daytime appropriate, yet it would still jazz up an evening outfit. I can also attest to the fact that it’s not too heavy which can often be a problem with these statement necklaces

Diamante necklace

However, if you are concerned that the metals will irritate your neck, don’t be disheartened as there are other options to look at. Bib necklaces have a huge advantage over other statement necklaces in that they will stay in position once you put them on. This Tonal Beaded Bib necklace from NotOnTheHighStreet.com is quite simply perfect! The beading is backed with a felt fabric which should be easy to wear and as it ties with a ribbon, there is no metal to worry about. Add to that the fact that this is stunning piece, and I think you’ll agree we have a winner!

Bib necklace

Another option, from Etsy this time, is this wonderfully colourful and very unusual African Kente necklace. This is made entirely of fabric, apart from the clasp, but if worn with a simple white tee or a pale grey sweatshirt, you really wouldn’t need any other jewellery.

This piece would be the star of the outfit and being made of fabric it should be easy to wear.

As each piece is handmade, no two items are identical, so for a change, it wouldn’t just be your psoriasis that is bespoke! What’s not to love about that?

African Kente

For many years I suffered from psoriasis on my hands, which was obviously very difficult to hide. I started having monthly gel manicures and made that part of my signature look in the hope of distracting attention from my hands. However in addition to manicured nails, I also liked to wear large cuffs or watches to draw the eye away from the areas I wanted to conceal. It is usually easy to find cuff bracelets in a range of materials and if you’re lucky either a leather or a resin one shouldn’t cause any aggravation. This snake bracelet cuff from Mango is a good example and would be a striking addition to any outfit.

Snake cuff

For something entirely different however, what about this gorgeous lace cuff bracelet that I stumbled upon whilst having a browse on Etsy. Such a novel idea and how lovely would this look as an added piece to a long sleeved plain sweater, or indeed to embellish a plain blazer and top?

Lace cuff

For those of you who want to do high octane glamour with guaranteed comfort, there is always the Hermés twilly. The what? Yes, that’s what I asked too … but apparently it’s as simple as a long slim piece of Hermés fabric twisted around your wrist and tied in a knot. An expensive burst of colour to add some interest to your outfit. Now that would be a talking point that would definitely have people looking at something else besides your skin!


As you can see the options are many and varied. All it takes is a little time and imagination and soon you will find that there is no reason why costume jewellery can’t be an important part of your wardrobe. ‘Tis the season to sparkle after all!

UK/IE 2013b/00057i. Date of preparation: October 2015

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