Trouser shapes

trouser shapes

There is speculation in the fashion world murmuring words to the effect that the reign of the skinny trouser is coming to an end. As anyone who knows me can confirm, I am the greatest fan of the skinny jean. My wardrobe is awash with them in every colour and hue, with just the odd pair of straight jeans struggling to get a look-in. So personally, this rumour is causing immense dismay!

However, despite the above, I do accept that the skinny trouser style is not for everyone. And in the interests of being prepared for their possible demise (oh fickle, fickle fashion world!) I thought that I would take a look at the different trouser shapes that are currently en vogue and how we can adapt them to our wardrobes. More importantly, if psoriasis is causing a problem on your legs, then even I will admit that an alternative shape to the skinny might just be a more comfortable idea.

Starting with a shape that I scoffed at when it first appeared on the catwalk, but now of course I am looking at with renewed interest. (Hmmm, seems ‘fickle’ is catching!) Ignoring the adage that if you wore it first time round, you should not repeat the fad, I present to you the Culotte. Available in a range of different fabrics and colours – even leather for those of you wanting a more exotic look – this is a trend that doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. The great advantage of this of course, is that it is so loose and flowing, it would be very easy to wear over skin that is irritated or sore. Pair with knee high boots and a little silk tee and jacket for an evening out. Change to opaques, brogues and a fitted blazer for a sophisticated, but comfortable office look or, ankles permitting, throw on with a Breton top and trainers for a relaxed weekend brunch outfit. These Culottes from H&M are quite a voluminous example, but a quick scout of the main high street stores will offer you a range of lengths and widths.


Continuing with the theme of relaxed styles, the jogger has most definitely widened its appeal from being just a piece of sportswear. With the continued popularity of the sports luxe look, the jogger is now accepted as everyday wear although it is important to accessorise correctly in order to avoid the ‘I didn’t bother getting changed after the gym’ look! The key is to keep the top half more formal looking. Wear the joggers with trainers, but team with a linen tee and structured jacket for example. Contrary to what you may think, not all joggers have cuffed hems, and those with the wider hem similar to these Jogging Trousers from Zara are generally easier to style. Again, these are a wonderfully comfortable option particularly if your legs are affected by psoriasis.

zara jogger

One style that has proven difficult for me is the boyfriend jean. These look really comfy with their slouchy silhouette but as they are usually rolled up at the ankle and invariably distressed and ripped, they rarely offer enough skin coverage for plaque-covered legs. All is not lost however, as say hello to the Twill Stripe Girlfriend Chino from Gap. These are a lot looser in style to either a skinny or straight jean, and have the added advantage of no distressed rips. Gorgeous with trainers or loafers if you are confident about having your ankles on display, but as the model demonstrates, these also look very cool worn with sock boots.

Gap chinos

And finally, the formal trouser. This cigarette shape is one that everyone should have in their wardrobe. There will always be an occasion when you will need a trouser like this, whether it’s a job interview, a client presentation or a formal lunch. A classic style made hugely popular by Audrey Hepburn, this trouser never dates and is a necessary part of your wardrobe. Traditionally worn with either ballet flats or court shoes, the cigarette trouser has recently been given a more modern makeover by teaming with trainers or tennis shoes. If psoriasis on ankles is an issue, this can be side stepped by the addition of opaque tights with flats or heels, or alternatively nude coloured knee highs (sssh, I won’t tell if you don’t!) which will mask the plaques. Cigarette Trouser from Topshop

cigarette trousers

The key to finding a style that suits you and your lifestyle is to try lots of different shapes. If hitting the shops is your idea of a nightmare, then purchase a range of styles online, have a trying-on session with some honest friends and find the shape that works for you. In the meantime, I’ll be clinging to my skinnies til the final hour!

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