Fashionable loose fitting clothes

Fashionable loose fitting clothes

I strongly believe that there is a place in everyone’s wardrobe for loose fitting clothing. There are times when you just want to snuggle up in something that is easy to wear; sometimes you might be having a ‘fat day’ (just me?) or sometimes, sadly, psoriasis dictates that a form-fitting outfit is just going to add misery to skin that is already inflamed.

However, loose clothing does not have to mean you will look like a frumptastic bag lady! On the contrary, it is still possible to look supremely stylish in clothes that just skim your body. Don’t believe me? Well, let me illustrate! 

Eighteen months ago as I prepared to change medications, I was instructed to stay off all treatments for one month to prepare my system for the new regime. To say my skin reacted badly to such neglect is to put it mildly! I will always remember the relief and utter happiness I felt when I found the most wonderful loose-flowing blouse in & Other Stories, which was not only gentle to wear, but still looked smart and on trend. This year, they have not failed me and I love this Double Breasted Blouse. It gives the illusion of a smart jacket, but in reality is a light shirt which would be so easy to wear over sore skin. 

double breasted blouse

Team this with a long pencil skirt and knee high boots, or better still, how about these Wide Leg Tailored Trousers also from & Other Stories? Smart enough to wear to the office or out to dinner in the evening, but still loose enough to minimise any irritation of your psoriasis. And then when your skin improves (and it will … have faith!) these will look fab with a fitted blazer, white tee and sneakers. As much as it pains me to say it, I think that skinnies may have had their day, so a pair of wide legged trews such as these will not only be an investment, but will also put you ahead of the posse as a fashionable ‘early adopter’! 

wide leg trousers

Regardless of how my skin is behaving, I have always been a fan of the boxy shape sweater. It’s so forgiving of all those lumps and bumps and is such an easy shape to wear. This sweater from Zara, the Poncho with Thread Detailing, is a case in point. Made of a super soft yarn, this would look wonderful over a white shirt and paired with a pair of soft boyfriend jeans for a casual weekend look. Equally it would look just as good worn over a long sleeve tee with some white wide leg trousers for a brighter Spring vibe. Just add some sneakers or a pair of brogues to keep the outfit fully on trend. 

boxy jumper

Extremes in temperatures can often play havoc with psoriasis, so the perfect answer to the outerwear dilemma is a cape or poncho. These are massively popular right now and available in almost every store at a range of price points. This one, the Knitted Poncho, from H&M is just perfect as it is soft enough to ensure comfort, and pale enough to camouflage any rogue flaking that may occur in the scalp. Definitely a budget friendly option! This is the perfect alternative to a blazer or jacket as the weather becomes milder in the Spring months. 


However, a cape won’t necessarily work for all occasions, whereas you can never go wrong with a camel coat. The cocoon or oversized style continues to be seen on the catwalk, which is just ideal if you need something to wear over layers. Camel is always a classic so this Tailored Boyfriend Coat from Vero Moda is one that will be in your wardrobe for many years to come. (Always looks great with a bit of leopard print thrown into the mix … just sayin’!) 

camel coat

There really isn’t anything to fear with looser clothing. Generally it is all about balancing out the top and bottom halves, but when your skin is angry and sore, the reality is that it’s more about the comfort. Given that the fashion mob have now thoroughly embraced the wide leg trouser and the blanket cape, it’s a pretty fair bet that a looser silhouette will ensure you are bang on trend this season.

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