Forget psoriasis - treat yo'self!

Forget psoriasis treat yourself

It’s almost Christmas! A time for spreading joy, happiness and cheer. So for a change, I’m not going to talk about psoriasis, or about how to conceal your skin. This month it’s time to ‘treat yo’self’. Let’s forget the angst and irritation of psoriasis for a moment and let us focus on one thing that is guaranteed to bring happiness. The one thing that we can all embrace, regardless of size, weight or flaking skin. Ah yes my friends, I’m talking about the joy of a new bag.

Where to begin? The choices are immense, so I’ve decided to stick with the classics, and because this is Christmas, we are eschewing all things fake and dealing in 100% leather only. It is absolutely worth spending that extra bit for the quality as if you treat them properly, a good leather bag can last for years. And although I’m no accountant (oh how we laughed!) the cost per wear with a decent bag, will ensure that your money is well spent.

Starting with a classic in every sense of the word. Brown leather from Marks & Spencer. Good old Marks do a fabulous range of bags which are excellent quality. Some are so good in fact that I did a double take, thinking I had inadvertently stumbled onto the Mulberry site. This M&S Collection Leather Hobo Bag will match most things in your wardrobe and has multiple pockets. Very handy if you’re like me and carry half your possessions including the kitchen sink with you wherever you go!

MS Bag

A nude coloured handbag is one that will pay for itself time and time again. Ideal for the summer months when a black bag can often seem too dark and harsh against a lighter wardrobe palette. It’s also great if your winter wardrobe leans more towards greys and taupes rather than the more traditional blacks and browns and if scalp psoriasis is an issue, this is quite probably the case. The Village England Beamish in taupe is a complete stunner … it can be worn both on the shoulder and cross-body … and the fact that the blurb tells us it can fit two bottles of wine made me laugh and want it even more! The quality of these bags is superb, so a serious bang for your buck with this one.

Village England Beamish

Staying with Village England and a personal recommendation this time. I have the Chelmorton Jaguar Bag and despite my usual penchant for bags that are nearly as big as myself, this cross body bag has been used almost constantly for the past six months. Leopard print is now considered a neutral in the fashion world (stop snorting down the back!) and as a result, this truly does go with everything. Not to mention the joys of being hands free … now why didn’t I think of this during the toddler years?

Village England Chelmorton

Winter wardrobes can often be dull affairs with sombre colours being the order of the day. Accessories can definitely cheer up a look and inject a blast of colour. This year it’s all about the burgundy shades which can be difficult to wear as they will instantly show up flaking. Not so with a bag! Here you can wear whatever colour you please. The J Crew Signet Bag in Italian Leather comes in a range of colours and is a stylish way to add a lift to any outfit. Not forgetting that it’s very useful to have a hands free option for sales shopping!

J Crew bag

Another trend for this season has been the backpack. Now I’m not going to lie to you. For me, this is too reminiscent of the baby years when bottles, soothers, blankies and multiple favourite soft toys had to be squeezed into a backpack leaving just enough room for a credit card and lip balm. But those of you who don’t share such ‘fashion fail’ memories, the Double Pocket Detail Backpack from Massimo Dutti is a beautifully made on trend piece to add to your collection.

Massimo Dutti backpack

Finally, let’s finish with a trend that definitely won’t break the bank. Metallics are all the rage this season and for the yuletide festivities it’s always nice to add a little shine. The Rigo Hope from Clarks will do just that! Pair with jeans, bombers and sneakers during the day. Wear with a grey trouser suit to work and inject a little personality into your office attire. And later in the day, remove the strap and use as a clutch bag for your nights out. Honestly, this bag is the gift that keeps on giving!

Clarks Rigo

So whether you decide to treat yourself or drop heavy hints to your loved ones, I hope that Santa is good to you this year and wish you all a very happy and flake free Christmas.

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