Accessories and psoriasis

Accessories and psoriasis

Accessories are one of the quickest, easiest and, quite often, cheapest ways to ring the changes in an outfit. For those of us who want to take the focus away from our skin, they are also a great way of distracting the eye. A chic fedora, a colourful blanket scarf or a super-sized cocktail ring will always attract attention, thereby diverting it from the areas you wish to hide.

However, just like clothes and shoes, accessories also have trends which come in and out of fashion. Just a couple of years ago, the emphasis was on the statement necklace. The bigger, the better it seemed, and it was almost a fashion crime not to adorn every neckline with a mass of sparkle, sequin and bling. But that was then and this is now … to really bring your outfits up to date the focus is still on the neckline but in such a different way.

Starting with my favourite, the choker. I adore this look. Every store from Primark to Topshop has a selection of these ranging from plain fabrics through to beads and metal. My favourite is the simple black velvet style. Probably one of the few ways that those of us with psoriasis can wear velvet without it attracting flakes. A quick and simple way to instantly make a v neck sweater, a tee and blazer or a simple white shirt look current and up to date. There are those who will say that if you rocked a trend the first time round, you shouldn’t do it again … but right now, I’m sticking my fingers in my ears and ignoring them! This Wide Velvet Choker from Primark is the perfect example of how you can transform an outfit for just a few euros.

Primark choker

This next look is probably the biggest trend in accessories this season, but it’s a really difficult one to carry off with style. Unless you happen to be Parisian of course, in which case the ability to knot this with a single insouciant sleight of hand is part of your DNA. These neckerchiefs come in a huge variety of colours and patterns and add a wonderful burst of colour to a neutral outfit. It’s a very chic look and quite honestly, if you can master tying them, without looking like you have a bad dose of strep throat, then I highly recommend this as a great way to distract attention from your skin. If nothing else, people will be so mesmerised by your scarf-tying skills, they won’t have time to think about your psoriasis! But if you can’t master the tying of a kerchief … as the Zara styling of this Bandana Style Scarf illustrates … you can simply use it to tie up your hair! (Don’t despair! There are a gazillion YouTube videos dedicated to teaching you how to correctly tie and sport a dashing neckerchief.)


A variation on this theme and tying the two looks of a choker and kerchief together, is the skinny scarf. A serious throw back to the ‘70s, this has now become the modern alternative to the statement necklace. Available in a range of colours, these generally tend to incorporate a little sparkle to add interest to an outfit, or even to jazz up a plain white shirt and jeans for a more evening-appropriate look. This High Street Solid Skinny Scarf from Free People is a perfect example and is a look that works equally well with camisole tops, shirts and sweaters.

Skinny scarf

Some months ago I wrote a post on alternative styles of jewellery that could be worn if costume jewellery caused irritation to your skin. In that post I mentioned the Hermés Twilly, which whilst undoubtedly beautiful, is also eye-wateringly expensive for what is basically just a thin piece of fabric. However, I have now found a more affordable alternative with this range of silk bracelets from Silk Philosophy. These are a fabulous little investment as they are guaranteed to be a conversation piece, will definitely distract the eye from your skin and are just a joyous burst of colour on your wrist that can’t fail to cheer you on even the greyest of days!

Silk Philosophy bracelet

Really, accessorising is all about not forgetting to have fun with your fashion. Whilst I know only too well how exasperating it can be to find clothes that will help you to look and feel good despite your skin, it’s always important to inject some fun with a frivolous accessory or shot of colour. It will certainly improve your mood and I promise you, such stylish little details will always distract the eye.

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