Choosing natural skincare products for psoriasis

Natural skincare products

When you first start to get psoriasis on your body you often find that you cannot use the same products on your body that you know and love. Often, many household name products contain chemicals that can cause irritation to broken or damaged skin, which can be caused by having psoriasis and other skin diseases.

In order to try and keep my skin as calm as possible I prefer to use natural skincare products. Though natural skincare products can be more expensive than other skincare products, I find it is worth it to help reduce irritation to my skin.

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Natural Products and Bathing

Natural Shower gels; lotions, jellies and bars are my favourite skincare products ever. Before I discovered these products bathing would be more of a nuisance than an enjoyment. Gels would irritate my skin, soaps wouldn’t lock in the moisture my skin needed and the chemicals in the products were just not helping.

I first headed into Lush a little apprehensive, as there are so many products in each of their stores. Luckily, the employees are really friendly and know exactly which products are suitable if you tell them what is bothering your skin. I have used a number of Lush shower gels and all have been soft and moisturising for my skin. Lush have just released some super cool natural shower jellies which can be used for bathing or as bubble bath which I am desperate to try!

Sometimes it is not convenient, or in the price budget, to head to Lush. In that instance I pick up some Original Source Shower Products. I use their Tea Tree Scrub first to give my skin a soft exfoliation to help keep my body psoriasis as smooth as possible before using their Moisture Lock gel to give my skin the hydration it needs.

Original Source products

Natural Products and Facial Skin Routines

With facial psoriasis, I found it difficult to get products that would allow me to have a morning and evening skincare routine without irritating my face. Cleansers stung, exfoliators broke my skin, toners irritated and moisturisers just did not work and I was extremely frustrated trying to find a range of products that would help my acne but not irritate my psoriasis. When I switched to natural products I found that not only did all the frustrations disappear but my skin also began to clear up – even my psoriasis looked better!

The products that I am referring to are part of the Arbonne Clear Future range. I have found that this selection of products do absolute wonders for my skin and gives me a little more confidence day in, day out. The Arbonne Clear Future range is made up of three key products; Cleanser, exfoliating pads and an over-night leave on facemask. I also like to use the Arbonne Genius pads during my night routine to help give my skin that little extra boost!

Arbonne products

The cleanser is strong enough to cleanse your face of dirt and oil yet is gentle enough to leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and clean without stripping it of natural moisture. The cleanser contains sage leaf extract, calendula flower extract and witch hazel which helps condition and soothe skin as well as white willow bark extract that boosts exfoliation to reveal the next layer of skin. The exfoliating pads, which are dermatologist and allergy tested, exfoliate and refine pores whilst removing dead skin cells and impurities without irritating or hurting the skin, like some exfoliators can, due to their super soft texture. I then use Cetraben moisturiser that can be picked up from your local beauty store. Cetraben helps to soften your skin whilst locking in the natural moisture, leaving you skin feeling super soft and smooth. The overnight leave on facemask provides cooling comfort to soothe and calm skin plus gives my skin non-greasy hydration throughout the night.

The final Arbonne product that I use on my face during my night routine is the Genius Pads. These little pads are Genius by name and by nature. They come as a sixty-day supply of Nightly Resurfacing Pads and fresh pour solution and are supercharged for your skincare routine. They have many great benefits such as improving the overall look and feel of skin texture to restore a healthy, radiant glow to dull skin, helping to reduce the look of dark spots as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, they provide the appearance of a smooth, even-toned skin texture and significantly improve your skin clarity and blotchiness. After using these pads for only two weeks I saw an improvement in the moisture in my skin and was obsessed with the treatment as it did not cause any of the irritation that can come with using exfoliating scrubs (awful for psoriasis) but gave the same results.

When it comes to psoriasis, the fact is that everyone’s skin can react differently to different products. Natural products are a great way of decreasing your chances of irritation and frustration during your daily routines.

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