MyPso QualityCareTM

Psoriasis app to keep a track of the psoriasis treatment

Make a positive impact on your psoriasis with tracking app, MyPso

You can log your symptoms and triggers, map your trends and progress and download results, helping you to see the ‘big picture’ of your psoriasis. MyPso supports you with practical advice to make small changes that can have a big impact on your skin.

Key features:

  • Illustrates your progress with treatment
  • Helps you to identify and address your triggers
  • Anonymously compares your results to others living with psoriasis so you can see likeness and differences
  • Generates a report to guide a positive consultation with your doctor.

MyPso creates a picture of your condition

By logging your data into MyPso (such as gender, symptoms, triggers), you can gain a greater understanding of your psoriasis through the app’s illustrations of your flare-up and symptom patterns. We know dealing with psoriasis can be difficult, so MyPso gives you the ‘big picture’ of your condition, supporting you to take confident strides towards better management of your symptoms.

MyPso tracks your progress

Many people find their psoriasis flare-ups unpredictable so we created MyPso to monitor your psoriasis for you. Through the app, you can simply log your symptoms and triggers and let MyPso track your progress, giving relevant and practical tips to help you manage your psoriasis with confidence.

MyPso supports – you are not alone

By building a picture of your progress and condition, you can gain the insights and confidence needed to help you manage and improve your symptoms. MyPso also anonymously pulls in data from our psoriasis community, so you can see how others like you are doing. You can also create reports of your results to share with your doctor, so they can easily catch up on how you have been managing between appointments, and provide support that is specifically tailored to the ‘big picture’ of your psoriasis.

Please note:

Ask your doctor what to expect from your treatment. Information placed on this app is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your healthcare professional. This app does not monitor the unexpected side effects of any treatment. If you experience any unexpected side effects from your treatment you should contact your doctor.

This app is not a medical device and the comparative information which is generated is subject to the number and type of users of the app. This mobile application (“MyPso Qualitycare™ app”) is not intended for people under 18 years of age.

UK/IE 2013b/00076p Date of Preparation: July 2017

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